Actors: Justine: Anne-Laure Kénol; Anja: Rike Schubert and Murat Acikada; Caroline Arp, Harald Effenberg, Boris Freytag, Ulrich Keller, Rainer Kühn, Suzanne Landsfried, Anja Margoni, Sarah Menter, Sylvia Rentmeister, Wolfgang Wengenroth
Director, producer: Donatella Bernardi
Co-Producer: Bildfolge, Hamburg (Oliver Eckert, Fabian Daub)
Screenplay: Donatella Bernardi & Deirdre Foster
Director of photography: Bettina Herzner
Assistant camera: Jeanette Krauß
Sound: Rudy Decelière
Lighting: Mirco Lenke
Lighting assistants: Axel Stock, Thibault Roginas
Production design/make-up: Hartmut Behder, Friederike Meintke, Monika Reichert
Set director: Niko Horn
Assistant set director: Julie Blatt
Montage: Sylvie Rodriguez
Music: Gabriel Scotti
Conductor: Dennis Weil
Sound mixing: Adrien Kessler
Catering: Annika Hellmuth, Nina Hellmuth
Subtitling: Dora Kapusta, Zürich/Perceuse Productions, Genève
Color correction: Deli pictures, Hamburg
Duration: 23’

Fortuna Berlin is a metaphor for the self-­assertion of individuals against social conventions. The stories of two women are told simultaneously: Justine, a 30-year old Haitian-Swiss soprano singer is invited to an audition at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. When she arrives at the airport, her belongings are searched by customs officials who in their meticulous pursuance also break her stage shoes. When arriving at her host Anja’s apartment in Berlin, Justine is furthermore confronted with the reality this young amateur boxer lives in. The stories seem to merge and yet run parallel, each of the women pursuing their own fate and struggling against external circumstances and restraints. In a final sequence of occurrences, each of the women experiences a personal climax: Justine at her audition and Anja at a boxing match.
Anne-Laure Kénol, Tempelhof airport.
Anne-Laure Kénol, Philharmonie.
Rike Schubert and Reiner Kühn, Abteilung Boxen des SV Blau-Gelb Berlin.

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